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Hello and welcome! Whether you've found my site through emails, social media, or a friend's recommendation, I'm thrilled to have you here as my guest. Navigating the world of insurance can be overwhelming, but rest assured, I'm here to make it a seamless experience for you.

Feel free to explore my little corner of the internet. I truly enjoy assisting individuals like yourself in securing the best insurance coverage that will protect them now and in the future.

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Discover how I can assist you with multiple types of insurance.


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Mike  Wejrowski

Mike Wejrowski is a seasoned professional with a rich and diverse career history. Mike was raised on a farm in a charming little town near picturesque New Braunfels. Currently calling North Texas home with his wonderful wife, Kelly, and their two dynamic duo of rescued Boxers, Trooper and Tessa. Mike is an avid reader and a barbeque enthusiast, both of which provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

In his previous career, Mike held the role of Vice President and General Manager for a business division within GE Healthcare. During his 15-year tenure he achieved remarkable success, providing leadership across divisional sales, product management, client services, and administration teams.

Mike’s professional journey embarked on a new trajectory in 2021 when he transitioned into the insurance world providing life, health, and supplemental insurance coverage. Mike’s transition into insurance stems from a genuine desire to guide individuals and families towards comprehensive coverage that aligns with their unique needs. Recognizing the evolving needs of his clients, Mike seamlessly shifted to Medicare in 2023, aligning his wealth of experience with the dynamic landscape of Medicare.

Mike’s background underscores a commitment to domain expertise, dedication, and a client-centric approach. Now, as an insurance advisor, he brings this wealth of experience to navigate the complexities of insurance, ensuring you receive tailored coverage for your unique needs.

Discover how I can assist you with multiple types of insurance!