3 Ways to Lower Your Holiday Stress


Many people experience anxiety, especially during the holidays. While eliminating all seasonal stressors isn’t likely, there may be ways you can minimize and manage them. Here are three ideas to help you get through the holiday season with minimal stress:

1. Set up a holiday budget.
Overspending is always a concern but even more so during the holidays. That’s why budgeting for gifts and holiday extras is a good idea.

It’s okay to put purchases on your credit card if you’ve saved up for them ahead of time. It can even be a great way to earn a sign-up bonus on a new card if you have very good credit. Pay your balance in full by the due date to avoid interest and fees.

Tempted to try the ubiquitous buy now, pay later loans for online purchases? Carefully review their interest rates and fees first.

2. Create a plan.
Have you been easily overwhelmed by the extra activities and responsibilities of the holiday season in the past? This year, think about setting up a more realistic plan for yourself.

You don’t have to create the perfect holiday for others or attend every party you’re invited to. Instead, consider setting boundaries and attending only the events that mean the most to you.

3. Take time for self-care.
Sticking with healthy eating and self-care habits may also help you better deal with anxiety. Get plenty of rest (including naps) and take time to decompress when you need to — it can really help.

And if you feel like you might benefit from professional help, don’t be afraid to seek it out. Many insurance plans offer mental health benefits that can make this care more affordable.

If you need help choosing a health or life insurance plan, need to make changes for the new year, or have questions about your coverage, contact us anytime.

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